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Minaret College offers Pre-School to Year 12 education across two campuses, Springvale and Officer.  Students prosper and enjoy the co-educational environment at Minaret College, supporting them toward religious and academic prosperity, while advancing their skills to meet and exceed their potential.   The College provides a caring and friendly environment fostered by a professional body of committed staff. The school’s motto, “Faith, Knowledge and Practice”, highlights our commitment to quality teaching and learning.   Our educational philosophy is implemented within a specific context in the school as follows:  
  • Focus on helping the students and their families to understand how to live together peacefully and productively with others;
  • Share experiences and knowledge with other cultures among the Australian community;
  • Promote a spirit of tolerant inquiry about diverse faiths through extensive participation in Interfaith dialogue nationally and internationally;
  • Share ways of learning and living to cultivate community togetherness;
  • Support students by training them to understand other people’s ideas and be accepting of their way of life;
  • Provide students with the opportunity to take risks, suspend to some degree their critical attitudes and learn new modes of thinking and communicating;
  • Train students to acquire interfaith and intercultural knowledge and leadership skills;
  • Enable students to develop and sustain relationships with others whose histories and practices differ significantly from their own; and
  • Commit to live in harmony with all members of the Australian community, to close the door to extremist ideas and violence towards people who share different beliefs.


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