What is Daleel?

Daleel is the directory for Australia’s Muslims: A trusted, one-stop shop for mosques, businesses, organisations, events and offerings within Australia’s growing Muslim community.​

One Stop Shop for everything you need


Filling a much-needed platform within Australia’s growing Muslim population, Daleel aims to provide a comprehensive listing database across various categories.

By adding a listing with Daleel, you are showcasing it to thousands of people in the Muslim (and non-Muslim) community who are searching for a Muslim friendly business and service on a trusted directory.

Daleel is committed to spending a generous percentage of all paid listings and revenue to support the poor and needy around the world.

The website will also provide easy access to important Islamic knowledge on key topics that affect everyday Muslims.

Launched on Sunday 07.04.2019, Daleel has gotten off to a wonderful start, being embraced by many Muslims (and non-Muslims!) across Australia as a handy storehouse of information when people most need it.

Whether you are looking for a particular business, wanting to find your local mosque or thinking of going for a great local feed, make Daleel your go-to place!

   Giving Back a portion to Charity

   Giving Back a portion to Charity

Our Vision for the Muslim Community

 1. The Daleel Ecosystem: Memberships with benefits

One of the key upcoming initiatives in the next phase of Daleel’s journey will be to create an ecosystem of businesses partnered with Daleel.

Like ecosystems that exist in other sections of society, the vision here is to create a network of businesses and organisations that support each other, provide discounts, offers and chances for customers to benefit from synergies that come from being part of a membership-based, digitally-enabled web.

2. E-commerce: for Australian businesses

In a world where online shopping has become the norm, many businesses in our local community still do not have the infrastructure and digital enablement necessary to be able to sell their products and services online to an otherwise captive audience.

Daleel intends to create a united e-commerce platform for the Muslim community of Australia, leveraging its technical capability and ability to scale to give small and medium Muslim businesses a low- cost outlet to project themselves further.

 3. The Knowledge Hive: The Online Repository

At launch the Daleel platform will already have a content component: a portal with articles and knowledge content focused on the most important issues facing Muslims and on which education is most crucial. The team behind Daleel will curate, source and create compelling information to benefit its wide user base, in the process hoping to uplift, inspire and inform Muslims throughout Australia and beyond to be the best versions of themselves. Topics covered include Islam, Personal Development, Relationships, Health and Lifestyle, Wealth and Business, and Community.

4. Daleel Express: Delivering food and more

In an age where multiple platforms have sprung up catering to the palettes and conveniences of hungry audiences, the Muslim community lacks an indigenous platform to serve the burgeoning Halal food market. Through deep communal relationships and with an elaborate network vision, Daleel intends to create Daleel Express, serving this need and helping create jobs in the “Muslim economy” in the process. Daleel Express intends to deliver Muslim-friendly food, both ready-toeat (from restaurants) and readyto-cook (ingredients from butchers, grocers and retailers) throughout Australia.